We are a Beta Brand

For us at MM:NT we are all about being in BETA. We know the world is not static and neither are we, as a brand we are always evolving. For us, this is the beginning of our journey from our Lab in Berlin. We also know how important working together is. For us, this is about working together with our guests, for our guests.

MM:NT is always Thoughtfully Hosted. Every room and public space is designed to have everything guests need, and nothing they don’t. All of the good stuff with none of the fuss. We are always present, well-positioned and one step ahead of the game.

We champion Conscious Hospitality. We think beyond sustainability, working with repurposed spaces and regenerative materials to stay true to our low-impact manifesto - now and for the future.

We are straightforward and Simple. That’s how we cut through the noise. Our standardised rooms make every option a good option - instead of choice for choice’s sake. We take pride in honest and transparent pricing with no hidden extras.

Sharing is our story. We know that community doesn’t happen without participation, so we create spaces that make moments happen with communal resources and facilities to make the best use of space and reduce our overall impact.

MM:NT is a Digitally Hosted hotel offering a seamless experience to our guests. Whether our guest is in or out, they will experience hospitality with a personal touch. Our digital self-serve model and in-room digital functions are easy to use, energy-saving and time-efficient.

We are all about hybrid hospitality with a new perspective.

Here for a
good time and
a long time.

At MM:NT, every move we make is with the future in mind. From the buildings we breathe new life into (Hello old wedding dress shop!) to the sharing mindset of our communal spaces, we practice Conscious Hospitality—a carbon net zero mindset, with none of the compromise.

01 : Our commitment

We’re on a journey, and we’re open to learn—from our community, and from our mistakes. We’re committed to avoidance over reduction, a considered low-impact approach, and a dedication to retrofitting buildings that already exist.

02 : Our actions

We operate with a closed loop approach; repurposing old buildings and working with FF&E-approved materials that are already in a reuse, return and recycle sequence. We maximise the use of spaces, with minimalist room designs and shared amenities that help keep our footprint small.

03 : Our partners

Our partners are big (and small) names in the sustainability space, and a constant source of inspiration. We share knowledge, experiences and values with everyone we collaborate with, including our community—so we can all make genuinely good moves together.

04 : Our digital footprint

Every time we click, swipe or search, we’re contributing to crisis-mode electricity consumption. Our website and digital concierge app minimise data transfer by storing it on a user’s device, compressing it as much as possible, and limiting light emissions. The icing on the cake? Our website and app run entirely on green energy.


At MM:NT we believe that doing good does not disrupt the good times or good design. We truly believe that doing good is not a compromise but rather a state of mind. For us this is Conscious Hospitality which is fuelling the next generation of hospitality with a carbon net zero mindset whereby all emissions along our value chain are considered from the materials we choose to the partners we align with.

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