MM:NT is all about all of the good stuff without the fuss, but we are also about giving you the freedom to stay your way - so sometimes you may want that little bit extra.

Here, you can see the range of MM:NT perks you can upgrade during your stay.


No room for conditioner and moisturiser in your hand luggage? Choose from our range of natural bathroom essentials. 


Looking to kick back and relax? We’ve got the fluffiest robes in town to make your stay that extra comfy.

Kitchen Pack

Having people over? Our kitchen pack adds to your kitchen and has everything you need to show off your finest culinary skills. *Middle and Big rooms only.

Coffee Pods

Need that coffee fix but also want to be kind to the environment? Go and grab some of our Grind Sustainable coffee pods. *Small room users can use the machine in the Simple Life Lounge.

Coffee Machine

Can’t function without your morning coffee? Upgrade to get our Grind Sustainable Coffee pod machine and pair with our Grind compostable coffee pod upgrade *Middle and Big rooms only.


Want to pamper your wardrobe and give your clothes a refresh whilst staying with us? Then rent the Steamery - a hybrid between a steamer and an iron for clothes that are wrinkle-free, smooth, and fresh in no time.

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