Conscious Hospitality

From our next-generation mattresses to the tiles on our bathroom floors, MM:NT is committed to conscious hospitality. That’s why we only work with partners and suppliers who share our values. Here are just some of our inspirational suppliers and partners driving change in the sustainability space, helping us create beautiful and unique spaces that deliver on our value of Conscious Hospitality.


Natural, small-batch products using sustainably-sourced, ethical and natural ingredients, land&water toiletries in your bathroom will bring a touch of nature inside and get you feeling squeaky clean and ready for the day ahead.

Eco Friendly Tiles

With a similar ethos to MM:NT, Eco-Friendly tiles are all about great design with verifiable eco-credentials. 100% recycled waste and carbon offset. No compromise needed - and wow our bathrooms do look beautiful!


Literally recycling an iconic chair, Snøhetta, in collaboration with Nordic Comfort Products (NCP) is recycling plastic from the fishing industry to pioneer the S-1500 chair for comfort and conscience. You can find their chairs in our Lounge and in rooms 00:01 and 00:06.


Combining multiple cookware pieces into one can do so much more with less. The female-founded kitchen pack brand OurPlace creates toxin-free cooking gear made for multi-tasking that is better for you and the planet and gives you just what you need in our rooms with kitchenettes.

Smile Plastics

Breathing new life into plastic that’s otherwise headed for landfill, Smile Plastics transforms it into unique sheet materials. From our bespoke co-working table to our tables in the Little Lounge, we have an array of recycled plastics from the ocean and recycled white goods.


A true pioneer of circularity, extending the life cycle of materials by turning industrial waste into beautiful terrazzo worktops that you will find it in use across our kitchenettes.


Durat's innovative composite material is made from recycled plastic waste from industry and is 100% fully recyclable. It looks beautiful as the sinks in our rooms. When they reach the end of their life with MM:NT, Durat will take back, recycle, and reuse all materials and give them a second life.


Working to create beautiful, hard-wearing, and sustainable solutions, Vescom's curtains and upholstery fabrics are made from 100% recycled plastic waste, which can be found throughout the Lab.


Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing, renewable resources in the world. It absorbs CO2 in large quantities and has properties comparable to hardwood, making it the ideal material for long-lasting furniture and flooring. Oh, and it looks beautiful too1